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Maxplat Parcel API

Maxplat Parcel API afford customers the ability to tap into our Property Appraiser and County Official Records data with SAME day or NEXT day refreshed data - You'll get access to the same data we serve here on in your app.  We update our data daily and immediately when the counties provide the nightly updates.    Imagine taking your own enterprise application or service to the next level.

Search and query our parcel by address, owner, parcel ID and many other query attributes.

Our key differentiator is our data is updated the
same day with current information from the County databases.  We do the heavy lifting to be sure all data is current, you can tap into the data to focus on your solutions.


$500 / month base price

10,000 monthly parcel records

5c per additional parcel

Includes all Property Appraisal and Official County Records index data.

High Volume

We will provide an affordable customized plan for higher-volume scenarios for annual contracts - please reach out to us for more information.


$1000 / month base price

2000 monthly parcel records

15c per additional parcel

This premium service will provide leads that will allow you to instantly find properties that are more highly likely to sell - based on an algorithm of many factors not included in any other system.  This includes Probate/Wills, Homestead changes, UPS vacancy, Sale changes, and Owner changes to name a few.

Data Download

If you interested in downloading our complete data set to run in your own applications, contact us and we can provide your software the advantage of having current data from the county databases.

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